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Premium Koi and Pond Fish Food

The application of modern bio-formulas to time-tested nutritional values has resulted in SHO KOI "Ultra: Premium Koi and Pond Fish Food, the AFFORDABLE, made in USA, all-encompassing and feature enhancing KOI and Pond Fish diet for ALL SEASONS which provides:

redyellball.gif (559 bytes) Nutritional Balance redyellball.gif (559 bytes) Complete Digestibility
redyellball.gif (559 bytes) Excellent Health redyellball.gif (559 bytes) Optimum Growth
redyellball.gif (559 bytes) Bright Color redyellball.gif (559 bytes) Proportional Shape
redyellball.gif (559 bytes) Superior Flotation redyellball.gif (559 bytes) Water Clarity
redyellball.gif (559 bytes) Valuable Freshness redyellball.gif (559 bytes) Disease Resistance

SHO KOI "Ultra" was formulated through the most advanced bio-technical research and development available today. The application of this modern science in conjunction with long established and time-tested nutritional values has resulted in a Koi and Pond Fish food which is an all-encompassing and feature-enhancing formula. Extensive testing throughout North America has show SHO KOI "Ultra" to be a superior Koi and pond fish diet, excellent in terms of observable results in the growth, overall health, features and color prominence so valued by Koi keepers and colorful fish enthusiasts.

Properties and Nutritional content of SHOW KOI "Ultra" is at the least, equivalent to the most popular and COSTLY foreign and domestic Koi and pond fish food products sold today. ingredients are of the highest quality carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals available anywhere, and have a superior nutritional value ESPECIALLY for Koi and fish kept in ponds.

Superior Floating Time

Because of the superior floatation of SHO KOI pellets, your fish have plenty of time to locate their food, and all food not consumed is readily removable, preventing any leftovers from settling to the bottom where it could decompose and contribute to cloudy water. In addition, because of the special combination of ingredients in "Ultra", the food is completely digestible, which results in greatly reduced waste products, which in turn contributes to a clear water environment for your fish!

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